Reading Choices for Homework

For many years, most school districts had their own select reading list of books for students, and there were seldom any selections added. These classics...


Children Learning to Read

Many modern school districts now require children to have learned their basic alphabet before they ever attend a class, and they are then immersed in...


Visiting the Library

While many children see reading as a less than wonderful subject, visiting the library might help persuade them it has its own charm. Walking into...

Many small children love to listen to stories being read to them by their parents, sitters and even volunteers at the local library. They sit quietly, and their imagination blooms as the story unfolds. They are eventually sent to school where they learn to read on their own, and being read to is often something that dims in the memory of their distant past. Some of them will still read for pleasure as they age, but many of them will read only for the information it gives them to get through any educational experience.

Reading for pleasure as an adult does take up a lot of time, but some people are fully invested in it. Others look at reading as a chore they must master to complete projects, and they resent the time and effort it takes. For those who must read for career advancement or schooling, it can be a trial that they must pass through before accomplishing their goal.